'I give my daughter who is not practicing her faith a copy of, The healing power of Confession. I asked God to give her the grace to listen to it. On her drive to work she listened to the CD and felt a calmness remain with her all of that day. I got a phone call from her, Dad have you any more of those CD's..... Patrick - County Antrim, Ireland

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Lighthouse Catholic CD’s have been made available in 200 Parishes throughout Ireland & UK. They teach the ‘why’ behind ‘what’ the Church teaches. Reaching Parishioner’s exactly ‘where they are at’. Over 180 Inspiring titles available…..Catholics can grow in knowledge of their Faith through these CD’s at their convenience, while driving or listening at home. Inspirational Catholic Speakers include, Scott Hahn, Mother Teresa, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Fr. Richards and many many more….
                                                             CDs only £2.00 / €2.00 each (our ethos: low cost – wide distribution)